Certified Machine & Design, Inc is a full service design, engineering welding and machining business which constantly strives to provide its customers with the best quality machine products and services at competitive prices.

The diversity of parts that can be manufactured is evident from those displayed throughout this site.

Not only can parts be repaired or replicated, they can be re-engineered and improved!

Our customers come from every possible sector, each bringing their own standards and specifications, some examples are:-

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Automotive and Racing fields
  • Manufacturing and Welding Providers

Does your local SWAT team need a flashlight gun mount manufactured? – made them!

Has the welding shop a dire need for complicated welding positioners? – produced regularly!

Perhaps the torque converters you use are not all that they should be?
When re-engineered, produced of more appropriate materials, they have shown improved functionality and reliability!

If you have the need for a diverse machine shop with the capability and flexibility to meet your needs, then please be sure to contact us.


Certified Machine & Design Inc.
2300 S. High Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: 405-672-9607