OPRS Buckling Pin Relief Valve

For accurate, safe pressure control

The Oklahoma Pressure Relief System (OPRS) buckling pin pilot-operated valve reliably relieves the pressure of large volumes of gas in flare systems.

With this buckling pin design, the system’s pressure holds the valve closed.

When the systems pressure increases, passing the set pressure, the valve is released at a controlled speed and pressure is relieved – Achieving better fluid control.

In flare systems across the globe, buckling pin relief valves are an integral part in the protection of pressure containing equipment. Such valves can be found located within bypass lines surrounding automated control valves and a variety of other equipment.

A smaller buckling pin achieves a precise pressure setting time after time.

In comparison to other buckling pin valves, the OPRS Series 100 valve utilizes a much smaller pilot valve to precisely control the operation of the main valve. Smaller buckling pins have a more favorable slenderness ratio tied to better precision in repetitive, consistent pressure settings.

Maintenance is a one person job

Local and remote failure switches display the status of the buckling pin valve
following an overpressure event, maintenance takes less than 10 minutes

An easily accessible design coupled with proven technology allows for re-seating the valve and replacing the spent buckling pin from outside the gas stream and with little downtime.
Opening the process line is not required

Design features
Proven buckling pin technology
Upstream pressure holds piston tightly on seat
Small buckling pin valve controls set point
Small buckling pins used for more accurate set point control
Regulated opening rate
Positive shut off until just after pin buckles
Quick reseating
Fast pin replace – buckling pin may be changed in minutes
Minimal fugitive emissions
In overpressure event, there are no pieces to separate
No fragments flow to the downstream piping

Constructed to ASME section VIII
Standard body materials include ASME SA234, SA105, and SA516-70 internals are ASME SA279-304 and 316 and SB149. Standard flange rating is ANSI 150# rff.
Requirements for capacity are calculated using API 520 formulas.
Quality documentation is available for all aspects of fabrication and testing.